Vida Idílica means “idyllic life” in Spanish.  I am not gonna lie- it is HARD to name a business!  Ultimately I landed on Vida Idílica because it honors and embodies why I decided to become a therapist– to work with people on reaching their goals and finding what it means to trust their wisdom and intuition.  I believe everyone has the innate capability of finding and creating their Vida Idílica. Some examples of this include:

1. A new mom understanding that she has the power to let go of negative beliefs about herself from childhood and can diverge from how she was parented by being present and loving with her child.

2. A medical professional figuring out ways to infuse brief grounding/mindfulness techniques to be able to safely and effectively get through their work shift.

3. A young person figuring out how to practice self-compassion (rather than self-judgement) when experiencing work/academic related stress.

4. A stressed employee figuring out how to set boundaries and practice genuine self-care in order to be more efficient and excited about going to work.

5. A grieving family member who figures out how to honor and hold the memory of their loved one while also allowing themselves to feel the emotions of what it means to lose a loved one.

While I have been trained to identify patterns, behaviors and symptoms, therapy is not about an “all-knowing therapist”!  It is about collaboration and co-creation.  I work alongside my clients so that they may find what resonates for them.  Let me know if you have questions about this!