EMDR Consultation

If you are a therapist, I can help you to: 

- Complete 10 hours of consultation for EMDR basic training

- Become EMDRIA Certified in EMDR. 

I am an EMDR Consultant-in-Training and can provide up to 15 hours of consultation. The remaining five hours for full EMDR Certification must be provided by an EMDR Consultant.

EMDRIA currently requires a minimum of 20 hours of consultation (at least 10 hours must be individual consultation) to apply for EMDRIA Certification. 

For EMDRIA Certification

•  I require near verbatim transcripts or (if you prefer) video or audio recordings of your client sessions. 

• Demonstration of proficiency and fidelity to the standard EMDR therapy and also an awareness of situations in which modifications to standard EMDR therapy are necessary.  

 • If you use more than one Approved Consultant-in-Training or Consultant in your journey toward EMDRIA Certification, I require a minimum of 3 hours of individual consultation prior to writing a recommendation letter for you to submit for EMDRIA Certification.

Please visit EMDRIA at www.emdria.org for further information on these requirements. 

Cost: $125 per hour of individual consultation.