EMDR Intensives: What to Expect

Initial Phone Consultation

We will schedule an initial (free) 20 minute phone consultation to ensure doing an EMDR intensive is a good fit for where you are in your healing process.


I will provide this for you to gather your thoughts and set intentions for the work you want to do during the Intensive.  There will also be a few assessment forms for you to fill out so that I am aware of any symptoms you may be experiencing. 


This is included in the Intensive. We will identify memories and negative beliefs that you want to work on in the intensive.  


Contact me directly about scheduling/availability:

  • The session opens with 45-60 minutes of developing resources to help you to feel grounded/calm.
  • We will discuss memories or negative beliefs that you would like to address in the intensive. 
  • EMDR trauma reprocessing will be for 2.5 to 3 hours. 
  • The last 15-30 minutes are spent closing the session and assessing for additional needs.
  • There will be intermittent breaks for self care/stretching/grounding.
  • If you are travelling from another city or state, I am able to provide recommendations on meals and  accommodations.
  • Overall, a retreat-style EMDR intensive should be a supportive, healing experience that empowers you to work through past traumas and move towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.
  • Typically intensives are 2-3 days (12 hours total)

Follow up appointments:

It may be necessary to schedule additional half day intensives.  This will ensure that the work you have done during the intensive continues to be supported.  This may include regular therapy sessions, homework assignments, or additional retreats.

Online or In-Person Therapy

I have offices in Lakewood or Boulder. I can also offer EMDR Intensives via an online format.

The bilateral stimulation in the online format can be the self-tapping (tactile) or through the use of a phone app to utilize visual or auditory bilateral stimulation. I can work with you to figure out which type of BLS works best. Research has shown that conducting EMDR in an online format is ethical and efficacious.

Note: You may need to schedule additional half day intensives if your treatment goals have not been met. If you have experienced highly complex or multiple traumas, you may need additional EMDR intensive program to be scheduled. This will all be discussed in advance so there are no surprise costs.