EMDR Intensives: Current or New Clients

Who is a good candidate for an intensive?

While many clients can be considered for an intensive, some may do better in ongoing/weekly therapy.  If you have experienced long-term childhood abuse/neglect or years of traumatic events, you may be advised not to do an intensive unless you are working with another therapist on an ongoing basis.  If you are not participating in ongoing therapy, ideal candidates for intensives are those who have experienced a single stressful or traumatic event (i.e. performance anxiety, recent breakup, car accident, job/property loss or assault).

Current/Former Clients: Please reach out to me directly to discuss whether your healing process can benefit from participating in extended EMDR sessions or intensives.

New clients who are working with another therapist (adjunctive EMDR): New clients can work with me for a short, concentrated amount of time (approximately 1 to 5 half day intensives total over a span of 2-3 days) to enhance work already being done with another therapist.

If you are already in individual therapy, family therapy, or couples therapy, you may have observed that trauma seems to be interfering in progress.  The goal of doing an EMDR Intensive Program is to help you to clear out the trauma(s) and then have greater focus on the other work you do with your primary therapist.  I can take a collaborative approach with you and your current therapist. You can continue to see your therapist as you currently do; you will simply be coming to see me for a brief period of time for the EMDR Intensive Program.

New clients without another therapist: Contact me to ensure extended EMDR sessions or intensives would be a good fit for you as candidacy for participating in an EMDR Intensive Program is dependent on many factors that will need to be assessed.