An Innovative Way to Heal

Have you ever said/thought..."A part of me wants to do this...  But another part of me doesn't..."?  

It can often feel like our minds are divided into different parts, each with their own needs and desires. 

"Parts work" (Internal Family Systems) is an approach that helps identify and manage these different parts.

One of the key principles of parts work is that every "part" of us has a positive intention. Even the parts that are viewed as negative or destructive have underlying good intentions, such as protection or self-preservation. 

By acknowledging and accepting these parts of ourselves rather than rejecting them, we can start to heal them into our whole selves.  

This is a very different approach to traditional talk therapy.  Instead of changing a behavior or stopping negative thoughts, it is about honoring ALL parts and figuring out what the parts need.  This can increase self-love and self-compassion.  

I utilize a parts-work informed lens when working with clients; it has been incredibly healing and powerful. Reach out with any questions! 


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